Chrissy is not playing any games this season of Love & Hip Hop. Yesterday I showed you a clip of Chrissy beating down new cast member Kimbella after Kim revealed to Emily that she was had dated Fabolous three years ago. The messed up part about the situation is that three ago Emily was carrying Fabolous’ child. So while Emily was pregnant Fabolous was doing what he does now. I don’t why she even told Emily that how rude and of course Emily breaks down. In the clip Emily says she’s leaving Fabolous and she did leave him but is currently back with him. She’s not leaving that boy. It’s so funny how all these girls run together. Not only has Kimbella f*cked Emily man Fabolous but Kimbella has a baby by Juelz Santana. So I’m guessing Kimbella’s role in Love & Hip Hop is that she does industry rappers. Anyway that was the first beat down with Chrissy. Now I heard about the second incident a few days ago. It happened in Miami and from what I hear Chrissy shut down filming for a couple days.

Yandy is the other new cast member. She was Jim Jones’ manager past tense. Just like Somaya, Yandy thought she was going to run the show when it came to Chrissy’s man and well we see where that gets you. Yandy had been Jim Jones’ manager for like 8 years and thought she was all in but no boo boo. Chrissy is the head b*tch in charge in Jim Jones’ life so get with the program or find a new one. I ran across an interview Yandy did with Hillary Crosley and Yandy had the nerve to say that Chrissy was insecure. It is very obvious that Yandy doesn’t have a relationship and doesn’t understand how to have respect for a man’s women. Below are some inserts from Yandy’s interview…

Parlour: In the “Love & Hip-Hop” super-trailer, it looks like Chrissy convinces Jim to fire you?

Yandy Smith: Oh gosh, the editing makes it look like Chrissy is shutting it down and next clip I look like I’m begging Jimmy to listen to me.

We heard you and Chrissy came to blows during a taping, what can you tell us?

Whenever you’re a woman in the entertainment industry, you’ve got to deal with the wives and girlfriends of your artists. I’m cool with all of my other clients and their ladies but when women have insecurities or feel threatened by your career, they act bad and if they’re a hood chick, they’ll act hood.

On the trailer, you and Chrissy are arguing outside a club, was that the night of your fight?

You see me asking her ‘What’s wrong?’ repeatedly, but I can’t say anything more.

What was your history with Chrissy before joining “Love & Hip-Hop” because you’ve managed Jim Jones for almost eight years?

There’s been no history. I don’t go to their house for Sunday dinner and I don’t party with Jim. I walk a very straight line with Jim and always have because I know her insecurity. I won’t disclose Jim’s personal business but it’s always a bunch of nonsense. Jim loves that girl like crazy so she shouldn’t act as crazy as she does. Just hold down home and your man should be right. Read complete interview here…

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