Why Do Single Women Go For Taken Men?

Why do single women go for taken men? In this post we will exclude the women who are with taken men unknowingly. I do understand that some men choose not to tell women that are already in a relationship. Believe me I know that there are also deceitful men out there but we are going to focus on women who knowingly mess with taken men. Women always want what they can’t have. More than likely these women come from broken homes where a proper structure wasn’t put in place. Their mother didn’t teach them morals on what was right and wrong or even how a women should act. They see that your happy and go in for the kill.

A real women knows not to dip into someones relationship because she is secure with herself and doesn’t have to lower herself to get satisfaction in life. A real women has great things going on in her life. Single women who go for taken men are basically on a ego trip. They get a raise out of knowing that a man will be willing to give up their marriage or relationship just to be with them. Never mind the other woman’s feelings or the children that possibly will be raised in a single parent home because of it. Some even go as far as to blame men cheating on the single women willing to put themselves out there. I wouldn’t go this far. It does take two tango but I also know women who won’t  mess with a man unless he is taken. Why? The excuse being that when they are in their own relationships nothing seems to to right. Their man cheats on them or they are always arguing. So they don’t want their own relationship instead they just want your taken man and then their own to the next. Sad but true.

Here’s a common statement that I always hear “All The Good Ones Are Taken.” They believe that single guys are single for a reason and that the taken men are worth going for . Some single women are just plain ugly about the situation. They have been cheated on so many times that if they can’t be happy no one will. But if you think about it if your the one always pushing up on someones man when you do…. if ever find a man of your own there’s no trust. Your going to be so paranoid that he’s creeping on the side with another women because of what you have done. A taken man can be irresistible. Think about it they are confident, dress nice and look good but guess what that’s because a women is taking good care of him but at the same time this can make him a target for these sad damaged women.

Why Do Single Women Go For Taken Men?

This post wasn’t to get you paranoid about single women in general. It’s just an observation of single women going for taken men. There really no threat unless you let it be. These women are insecure with low self esteem and if your man is willing to give in to such a thing you don’t need him anyway. I have had friends that do act this way and I always slowly try to separate them from my life. One because I have a man and two I don’t want any bad habits rubbing off on me. I have no time for bad energy. I’m better than that and hopefully they to will learn to do more better.

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