Many have their opinions of Kat Stacks. The female has been talked about for months on the internet and then when you thought it was over here she comes with more proof Soulja Boy getting real caught up. Most thought she was lying but after the recent Soulja Boy video it is very obvious that these rappers are going. The funny part about this last video was the Faboloushad the nerve to go in on Soulja Boy quoted….

“I jus watched a video that should be titled “Stupid Boy Swag”

“Lettin Kat Stacks in ur hotel room alone is #StupidBoySwag.. *All u rappers pay attention, that right there is called #StupidBoySwag* AYYYY’”

Get out the wayyyyyyyy….stupid boy comin thru…. #StupidBoySwag

Maybe Fab consider him “Stupid Boy Swagg” because he got caught on video. Fabolous is also on the list of duck to also include BowBow and T-Pain.

Kat Stacks sat down with XXL Magazine for the below interview. In the interview Stacks says she didn’t move to Miami until she was 10 and ended up leaving home at the age of 14 to Brooklyn with the father of her son. From there she started stripping and then came the rappers. At this point Kat doesn’t have to work all she has to do is sit back and get paid for appearances. Read interview below….

Your relationships with men are at the root of your popularity. So what’s the relationship with your father?

My daddy died when I was, like, 10 months old. I was actually raised by my uncles… I never had a father figure, because my mom was running around with a lot of muthafuckas. And my uncles weren’t father figures, either. They used to be physically abused by their father, so that’s how I was raised. I got tired of it. I left. I ain’t never had a father figure. I never had that mother figure. Ain’t none of them were ever there.

So you were abused growing up?

I was not sexually abused. I was just physically abused. I was raised with punches. All I know is violence.

When did you start attracting rappers?

When I first started [stripping], I didn’t expect to meet anybody. I just thought about money to pay my bills. The first person I met was Pitbull… The next person I met was T-Pain, because he owned the club Encore, and I was working there. I started meeting them out [in Miami]. And then I started meeting more on Twitter. I didn’t expect to meet none of these muthafuckas on Twitter, because you think it’s only computer nerds on there, but [rappers] are actually on there.

You claim to have slept with many rappers, but some, like Nelly, Bow Wow and Fabolous, deny it.

Of course a rapper is gonna say they never met me. Of course they gonna be like, “I don’t know this bitch.” But, at this point, I got text messages, I got everything on these muthafuckas.

Was there ever money exchanged? Was it a prostitution thing?

Well, since I was a stripper, back then it was all about money. So if anybody wanted me to go home with them, they had to pay. So yeah… I don’t have to fuck dudes for money no more. They just give me money to see my face.

You’ve been assaulted on video. Are you afraid for your safety?

The first time I got ridden up on…I had no manager, I had no security. I put that on myself. The second video, I [had management], but I went against [management], and I sneaked out and met up with these people. I put myself in this situation. If I was to just cool out, sit in my room and not went nowhere and got wild, none of this would’ve happened. But it ain’t gon’ happen again. They ain’t gon’ catch me slippin’.

Do you regret anything?

When I first made the Internet blog, I regretted it, because everybody stopped talking to me. But as I got bigger in time, bigger names and muthafuckas in the game, they all started getting at me. It just upgraded my career. Now I don’t gotta go work. I don’t gotta do shit. All I gotta do is show up at a [club] and get paid [for appearances]. I don’t regret it anymore. The first time I did it, I was like, “Damn, why the fuck
I did this shit? Because I was drunk? Just to embarrass muthafuckas?” I didn’t expect to get money out of it. Now these muthafuckas keep fuckin’ with me, so I’m gonna continue to do Kat Stacks. —Rob Markman

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